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Its not all about us, imagine all those great centuries ago. Great English explorers such as Sir Francis Drake and Captain James Cook travelling to far unchartered corners of the earth. With Cook travelling to places such as Australia, New Zealand and the Hawaiian Islands and before him Drake travelling to the west. Drake travelled first to the Americas and the West Indies and then went on to travel the globe bringing back exquisite treasures with him, some would say they were gained by piracy. Indeed both men and other great English explorers brought many valuables back to England not just gold, silver and jewels. Exotic fruits, plants, tree's and animals would have been part of their cargo too, without which some of the fragrances in our candles wouldn't have been possible to produce.  Transport yourself to Barbados, home of grapefruit, France and Chile origins of the strawberry, sandalwood from India and Mexico where vanilla was believed to be first cultivated. Light your candles and release the fragrant aromas stimulating your senses, creating a calm relaxing mood that will leave you refreshed and reinvigorated.

 Our candles

Candles Just 4 You  are English handmade candles, produced within the stunning South Downs National Park.

For over 15 years our supplier has been designing and producing hand poured luxury scented candles. Their skill and expertise in the field is second to none and they have built up a deserved reputation for providing the best quality candles. They also have excellent in-house departments for creative & innovative design, technical know-how and production efficiency. Taking great care and pride in every candle they produce.


In addition to supplying candles to us, they produce scented candles for many high-profile luxury brands, parfumeurs and boutique stores. Offering fully bespoke contract manufacturing service from initial concept to shelf ready product, where they ensure that every aspect of the development and production process meets their exacting standards. Specialist technical departments conduct rigorous batch tests to guarantee consistency and quality across all products. In addition, they offer complete trace-ability on every candle they produce. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence, along with dedicated customer service is why we have chosen them to produce candles for us. You too can share this experience when you purchase your candles though www.CandlesJust4You.co.uk

For further information please contact us at info@candlesjust4you.co.uk

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